Monday, March 3, 2014

Pinterest clip art

Like so many others who have found Pinterest to be an addictive inspirational web site…..I have also taken to searching many pins when I'm in need for certain clip art free to the public.
I often search for many ideas, murals, interior design , calligraphy or elements I can take and adapt for my certain needs.
The previous post was no different, but with the ongoing remodeling of St. Mark's in Kansas…..I needed to do something while at home where I could prep, paint and then install quickly on site.
The alter itself is grand but I still felt it needed some color or definition with some design elements.
The front wooden panels were a perfect frame from something painted….but what.
After finding some wonderful Pins identifying Trompe L'oiel Panels, I was intrigued to try my own version using several Pins and adapting for my current project.
I found this black and white acanthus corner that I wanted to frame my design.
I then found this stencil from another Pin that I adapted for my own use so I can sketch the design onto my own wood panels.
After some initial sketches using watercolor pencils, I made up my tone on tone color palette and began the process, building up slowly with darker tones and highlights.
After adding stripes to create an entire border I adapted the black and white stencil.
Now all the panels are fitted and placed on the alter for an entire updated look.

Quick install and now an easier way to work in the future.

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