Friday, April 11, 2014

Another Adventure!

Some of you who have followed the blog have noticed a theme of our fondness for Kansas. We purchased the Church with the aspirations of making it a Destination Wedding Location. My husband also became enthusiastic with another property which sat vacant for many years on the Downtown Main street.
It used to be a Ben Franklin, later a Hardware store until the owner decided to close its doors.
So my husband decided to take a huge leap and buy the building and bring in new business and visitors to the area with what is now called "Prairie Chic".
The store has a wonderful Train Mural reflecting the history of the city on one side welcoming visitors to town.
The store old signage was removed and the process for cleaning and redoing the interior to accommodate our new idea began….Prairie Chic will be a local store where Antique Vendors and Crafts/ Artists can display and sell their goods.
Consignment floor space for Fine Furniture will also be available.
Those who follow American Pickers, and watch Mike and Frank drive the backroads of America to find treasures, will often notice Kansas as a favorite destination. This is why we chose to create this space under one roof. We also decided to offer something different in this area…within the interior of the building we added a brand new Climate Controlled Storage facility with security.
 This will give Vendors and those who travel a place to store their finds or give locals an opportunity to secure family heirlooms.
Today, I was notified that our new sign was installed… we're getting closer to our  Opening Date of April 25th.
So I thought I would share this exciting news for those of you who might want to consider Kansas as a possible new or additional location as Vendors….or those making plans to visit during your vacation or  add us to your of new stops as you shop for Antiques and stop by Herington Kansas.

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