Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Painting Filigree

In between other projects we started in Kansas, I have been working on getting a 2nd unit in our duplex rental updated. The duplex is another historical home which has needed to be remodeled but never so more than with the resurgence of Downtown living in San Antonio.
The city has done alot of new revitalization with older buildings close by, the biggest being the old Pearl Brewery, which now houses Boutiques, upscale eateries, loft spaces and offices.
So we thought we should take steps to get on the board since larger spaces are few to be found in the area.
This second unit has taken a whole new personality and of course the kitchen is always a focal point for any new couple or tenant who wants to entertain.
Budgets are important and we try to stay on ours.
We found a great local supplier for the all wood cabinets.
Had Granite counter tops installed.
The floor was still an issue though....I didn't want to completely refinish the floor since the entire apartment will have them done....I wanted something fun.
Why not paint?
After cleaning, sanding and prepping, we painted the entire floor in Sherwin Williams, Vermilion Red.
After several coats for the rich deep red, it still needed something?
Scrolls, Filigree, Black details.....I thought, just do it, it's only paint, if I don't like it, paint it red again.

I found a couple of example on Google and Pinterest for the filigree, but it's actually quite easy once you start going. I use a watercolor black pencil to initially draw the swirls for size, but once you start you start filling in with the other leaf like swirls. Using the right brush makes the whole process so easy, it actually makes the paint flow for finer details.
Liner brushes and a flat brushes are ideal for this.
I've done this before on furniture with great success, but so happy I tried it on the floor, it's just what it needed.
Final clear coat in Satin Poly-acrylic, BM makes a perfect one for furniture and floors, so it doesn't yellow with time.

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