Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas inspirations in KC

Happy Holidays everyone! I do hope everyone is well and doing great during this "sometimes" hectic season. It's amazing how quickly time has flown by, and now Christmas is upon us in a few days and with all this craziness my husband and I made a trip back to Kansas to check on the church.

After dealing with the cold freezing weather during our stay, we had a few hiccups, we're not used to in Texas that we had to deal with in Kansas.
Frozen water pipes.....yikes, even flooding in our church basement. Thankfully we were still working with remodeling and the floor hadn't been done yet, so we saved ourselves a bigger headache if the floor had already been replaced.
So it was good we were there when this happened.
Yet, having this spot in a small town has it's upsides and our plumber was terrific getting it fixed ASAP.

Despite this mishap, we still kept on our schedule and headed to Kansas City to see and shop the First weekend of the Month at the Warehouse District.
I was literally gloriously amazed and in awe of all the dealers and crafters.
I was sad though that I only was able to visit two warehouse buildings.....didn't realize I needed more time.
Take a look.

I did notice the trend in tea dyed old lace, burlap is still strong, silver and gold metallic was very popular.
Natural textures, painted signs and chalkboards still abound.

So with so much to see in these old warehouses, I need to plan for a couple of days to visit the next time we plan our trip. Note to those who never visited, the warehouses are huge, 5 stories of shopping in some and I think there are 5-6 buildings to shop. Atmosphere is fantastic and you might be a able to take a ride on an old freight elevator like I! post will pictures of the painted alter I did. Stay tuned.

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