Sunday, July 14, 2013

Another "Crazy" Adventure...

Here we go taking on another crazy idea right in the middle of the scorching July heat wave, have the church remodel in Kansas going on and adding new water faucets to our own husband decided that we should get one of our properties ready to sell.

Yuuup....he wants to take advantage of the Real Estate upswing and the recent neighborhood development in downtown SA, so why not jump in and make the bungalow ready????
Easy for him to say.....
but here we go....

This is the front of the Historical Bungalow getting a new fresh coat of paint after the front lawn was cleaned and readied for new sod and landscaping next week.
This is the back screened porch over looking the rear garage and the extra surprise found in some historical homes.....
This is the's a little guest cottage, next to the detached garage, where the original owner who built it, used as sleeping quarters, as to not wake his family when he arrived home in the early you can see, we are working on the electrical and water lines to make it ready for those who would like to use it again, as a studio or guest quarters.
The main house  has 2 refinished bathrooms

Refinished hardwood floors throughout the home with original built ins.
In the process of having new countertops over original granite with a porcelain apron sink, something that would have been seen in similar era homes.
We're working on age appropriate lighting as well.
Can't wait until the landscaping is done next week......we get lots of drivebys and looki-loos...noticing something is happening, especially those young couples and families taking a Sunday drive.
This home is located in a "Hot" area of downtown, where the Pearl Brewery has had lot's of activity, converted spaces into shopping and living spaces, a new Boutique hotel under construction, lots of new dining spots and proposed trolley system.....all close to Muesums and Fort Sam.
It's nice to see their I hope we finish up soon and get it sold ASAP so I can continue with "MY" home projects.
Cross your fingers!!!

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