Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Look at what you can find on Craigslist!

Well friends alot has happened since my last post....so much that it has made it difficult to stay in touch let alone take a breath.
Just like many of you, the New Year brings new ideas and scheduling all the new projects becomes a bit more tight but we seem to manage....especially if we have plenty of caffine LOL.
Still, I find that this post will surprise some of you .... "Why?" Well how many would do this?
Yes many of love to shop and find those special treasures on Craigslist....furniture, Antiques maybe an antique car or vacation cabin?
But what about a Church for a vacation home!
Friends.....my husband and I found a beautiful Church in Kansas, sitting and waiting for someone to be crazy enough to buy her.
So I guess we're crazy....because we bought our church late last year and this is what I have been dealing with for most of this year so far.
The original church was built in the late 1890's, with this brick building being built in its place in 1904. The church also comes with an additional 2 story school building which we have begun to remodel for our vacation home and Parsonage which we have rented out to a nice family.
What we found delightful was all the original stained glass windows that are found throughout the church, the light and tranquilty of this church is just wonderful.
The Rose Window sits over the alter and the large original organ.
Can you believe how lucky we were to find the church came with all the pews and other church supplies.
It was sad to see the church closed up when we first walked in....the vast open space gave us a clue that it was indeed the best find ever.
I'll be posting more pictures when I can, but the remodel of the school will take sometime to complete, but we have already made some changes and have vacationed there several times already ...for Easter....we had our own little service with coffee and the morning sun shining bright into our church as if to say Welcome Home!
One dream I have for this place is to find itself being a part of special memories as a Boutique Venue for weddings or parties or other events for the locals and those close to the area.....the school classrooms would be great for special Crafting/Blog weekends....or if you have any other ideas, please free to send them to me.....we're just starting this adventure and would love to hear your ideas.
Have a wonderful day!

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