Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Year & New Endevors

Happy New Year to all and warm wishes to those who find themselves looking forward to new ideas and dreams for the upcoming year.
I thought I would try a new approach to New Year resolutions and focus more on my personal creativity and not just the professional one.
I always focused my art as the "Job" aspect, a profession and a way to pay my bills....not really looking at it as a representation of my gift...we all have gifts that we were blessed with in one way or another but I'll speak for myself, I never really took my talent to another level.
I have found many gifted artists sharing their journey on their web sites or postings, but really never understood the other facet to their art.
So now I want to try to tap into that special place many of these artists have shown and shared with will take a while to get there but I do hope to reach a new part of that journey this year.
So what better way to try it but to create something entirely different, so here I am, trying to paint for my Love, my husband and his passion for cars.
Here is an Original picture of "Rose" one of his favorites, a Cadillac.
Here is my interpretation done in Acrylic
Here is a restored Austin Healy
His review and note taking before he starts his restoration.
Giving him a bit of encouragment by painting one already finished.
After working on these 2 paintings, I'm finding I'm having fun working the details of the metal and chrome....I've always liked trying something new and I might of just found it.

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