Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Christmas in Colonial Virginia

I just returned from a short trip to Williamsburg Virginia.....what a wonderful experience.
This area of the country was completely new to me, what I knew of it was thru school books and old black and white classic movies, but actually being there was amazing for all the senses..especially smelling the fruits, garlands and roasted chestnuts.
The scenery was amazing, the tall trees and the old shaker homes, transported you back to the founding fathers....but what brought you back to today was the glorious christmas lights and majestic natural decorations.
Here are a few pictures of the interesting sites I saw this weekend...this was the  Christmas market in Yorktown along the Virginia kicked the Holiday season with festive music and demonstrations....they even shared how to roast chestnuts and braid your own green garland.

Natural decorative garlands...
Colonial-styled dressed musicians
even their pets were in the Holiday mood!

Front doors decorated in festive wreathes.

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