Friday, August 16, 2013

Vintage Mexican Silver

I know quite a few Bloggers and Pinterest love to collect vintage jewelry and I'm no different.
The creative beauty of fine vintage jewelry makes the hunt more of a "love journey" than just a passion when adding to ones collection.
I have found that to be true when collecting vintage Mexican jewelry. It seems to be endless in its style, some are copied by todays designers and are sought after those who want to stand out in a crowd.
I can assure you, the later, is the most fun when I head out with my husband or just go out to do my grocery shopping.
The interesting looks and inquisitive gawkers, make it fun for me to just add a piece to my everyday jeans or dress up for that romantic evening.

This is a new favorite piece made from Mother of Pearl, what makes it fun is its Crown design, my husbands sense of humor has him smiling as he makes the Jaws theme sound and shouts "Sharknado!"
I just laugh, the colors go with everything, so it's an easy choice when I get ready.
The popular "Clamper" bracelet has more vibrant Blues and Greens
This fun Cuff also works with the Southwest look.
Anyway, these pieces have brought me lots smiles this summer and I hope to keep adding to my new found addiction.
Here's the finished house, I think my new fondness for the colors in the jewelry lead me to paint the house a more vibrant green, and now the house is finished and ready for the market!

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