Saturday, December 3, 2011

Making New & Fun Again

Looking around my home, I found some interesting areas that needed some help.....or added fun with a redo or new color.
So why not work with some furniture for now.
Never one to be scared of trying something new with paint, I decided to take this old beat-up table and begin the process of bringing in new color tones to our den.
My husband needed a bigger end table to hold all his controls and glass of why not start here.
It wouldn't hurt?
Table 1
Step 1.
Clean, sand and remove old veneer that was peeling....redo surface with filler and prime.
....Took longer than I expected to peel the veneer!!!!

Painted a combination of colors along with Bronze metallic.
The top needed something else????? O.k. what about some swirls?
Yeah!!! Free-handed some scrools designs for that extra punch I felt it needed.....this is all the painting before I aged the final piece and top coated it.
I'll show the completed piece along with 2 others when I post the other pictures in a few days.
Enjoy your weekend.

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