Monday, December 26, 2011

Never to late to wish all a Merry Christmas!

I hope all who find themselves here enjoyed a wonderful Christmas Day with family and friends.
After all the chaos of finding gifts and wrapping them until fingers were numb from masking tape or paper cuts.....we're almost headed to the finish line people!
Happy to report....I think my fingers will recover LOL.
But before I forget completly, I wanted to share a few pictures of our Holiday will take a while to find the right pieces or create them for this home, it's size is just to much to try to do in my first year in this home.

Anyway, its fun to check other creative Bloggers and try to re-create some delightful decor for next year.
So before I wrap them are a few pict's.

Dining buffet with a few vintage AnnLee dolls.
The Den mantel decorated in whites and Mercury glass
Formal Parlor Mantel, decor in Golds and Glitz
Foyer Table decorated with Silvers and Whites....frosty.

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