Monday, October 25, 2010

Free Graphics

I know many Blog surfers like to find "Free" goodies whenever possible. Whether it be Tips, Contests or Graphics they can use for their personal crafting or business use.
One of my recent Garage Sale haunts gave me the opportunity to share some pictures of vintage Christmas wrapping paper....a real colorful example of what our Grandparents might have used. These came from a box Labeled Good Housekeeping....from the late 40's or 50's, but they were so colorful I couldn't resist them and brought them home.
So here you have a couple of pictures of these papers to use with your crafting...maybe use for scrap booking, making tags, mat boards for pictures, cards, or any other creative ideas you might find useful. Just click on the picture and create.
If you like these: let me know....I do have a collection of vintage cards and books I would be happy to post in the future, if you all would like to see them and collect as well.

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