Monday, October 11, 2010

Good Guys Car Show

I've always been attracted to Design, whether Vintage, Modern or New/Reproduction, Wood or Metal, as long as it reflected taste and elements of unique styling, I tended to drift in its direction for my personal use or projects for my clients.
So when I attended a Vintage car show in Ft. Worth, "Good Guys' with my fiance, I thought I would just tag along and wait as he dissected and ogled these beauties.

I must say, the show turned out to be a huge eye opener....shiny, colorful and stylish, these Automobiles rightfully command attention.

The creativity on some were just as artistic as would be some Interior Designs....upholstered or Fauxed, murals or altered to be Muscle cars or Rat Rods...the show was a blast and a real learning experience.

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