Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Tuesday Redo...

This is the "BEFORE" picture of the Resin "Plastic-like" fountain I was asked to Redo for a client. Though the piece was nice...it did not have the appeal she was looking for....too shiny and not the right the color for her outdoor space.
As you are aware if you have tried to paint a surface like this, you must use a special plastic primer, choose your colors, and have fun. Let the relief of the fountain work for you....darken the areas and highlight by dry brushing so it reveals the details. Avoid using White and Black, play with your colors and you will be surprised with the final and realistic look.
Spray a Matte sealer finish if it is to be used outside and exposed to the elements.

Here is a better view of the painted details for a more realistic finish of an aged fountain....a trick to remember is the natural "wear" or watermarks found in real fountains. I added several colors of an Orange-Brown to create rust, and green drips where algae would form from the mouth and rim of the fountain.....I also added some River Rock paint...from the Ralph Lauren line to the surface to create more of the cement feel and continued painting.
Finished with a clear protective Matte sealer.
Here is the "Final" finish....ready to entertain guest, both people and little singing birds ready for a quiet retreat.

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