Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Best of Friends....

As some of you might know....I was edging ever so closely to the sad reality that my Dear friend, Mr. Dryfus, my companion, artistic muse and confidant was nearing his end as each day passed.
He reached a milestone this past June when he turned 20 years....yes 20!
I and many who knew him were amazed how this guy, born under a car, in a unfavorable little neighborhood, the runt of his litter, would end up doing so much...but most importantly touched so many lives when I decided to bring him home.
So each day and even these few extra months, were indeed a reminder how blessed I was to have him....
his body was giving out...his arthritis getting worse, (where I had to help him up or carry him outside as he got his footing) his hearing was long gone, eye site getting worse...but his Heart was ever strong ( he was my little Timex)....I was hoping that he would pass in his sleep but that would not be.
So the decision was mine ...the hardest one I have had to make to date and hope never to have to do it again.
The house is way to quiet now...but I eagerly smile when I see a little fur ball going by....sort of an Angelic reminder.... he will never be forgotten....but the tears soon follow. I know it will take time for my heart to those of you with pets....your dearest of friends....enjoy and love them a bit more, just as token for all of those who have lost their own...we wish you joy and laughter with your furry ones....
Mr. will never be forgotten.....sleep well and hope the angels have all your favorite treats and a soft bed as you watch over the rest of us.

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