Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Have you noticed?

Have you noticed that once you start shopping at your Tag sales or Garage sales...that you pick what you like at one location one weekend and the next weekend you find something similar...before you know it, you started a collection without actually planning to do so.

Below are a few items I found recently at different sales and weekends...these are Italian decorative items: gilded, filigree with a plaster-like coating. Just the elegant look got my attention at first...and when I unpacked the finds and put them together, I realized that I had started another collection. Sometimes I'll go weeks without finding anything interesting and then whalla...you strike GOLD!!!

Has this happen to you?

With the recent change in weather and local neighborhood sales becoming more prevalent...I started taking note of those which were close enough to home to venture out early and begin my own "Hunting Season"...forget the guns...all I need are some good tennis shoes, loose change and plenty of patience. Around my area....it's nice to have the option of just parking in a large community and stroll the open garages to find some hidden treasure...mind you, patience is needed to deal with the professional family flee market dealers that also make it a point to shop...but if your collecting Gods are with you, you might just find something special.

This might be a little pet peeve of mine...but a little decorum would be nice...close the car doors, park your car along the curb of the road and not ideal ling in the middle of street....and please, keep the children safe and avoid them jumping out of the bed of pick-up truck onto oncoming traffic!

This collection of prints "above" were found at different sales one Saturday morning...with the vintage reproduction print of the Holy Mother with her child. It was a fun adventure hitting the sales not knowing what I would find...and to my surprise I finally found my "Month" of this botanical print...and for $ 8.00. I can't get it framed for that...so pack it up, we have winner!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I recently found 2 Italian tables similar to the one in your post in a sale. Isn't it fun going to sales, you never know what you'll find!!

Nance said...

I just love going to sales too; it's like treasure hunting. your finds are classics.