Wednesday, October 22, 2008


These large Roosters came from Kerrville, Texas... from one of our weekend trips a couple of years ago...they too get into the Festive spirit...adorned with additional roosters, chicks and twinkle lights...just a bit more fun while we have our morning cereal. Thanks for letting me share my pictures...and hope I can be a bit more ready when Christmas comes along.
So enjoy your Fall decorating...and know that there are some of us who just finished setting up this weekend....finally!

The Mantel was found and purchased over 30 years ago...never really knew if it would be used...until we decided to build our Hill Country house 8 years ago. Now it proudly welcomes guest to our home. So now its decorated as well...with Birds..made from ceramic, metal or painted on plates...and as you can see those who saw one of my earlier posts, Mr Dryfuss ( our family dog ) sits proudly in his Matador outfit portrait....can you tell he is the focal point of our family.

The large Armoire that holds the entertainment area...once had large mirrors on the doors. Didn't much care for the look for the Living I removed them and replaced with fabric & padding and covered MDF panels.
This piece is also a favorite area for Holiday I finally pulled out my Fall colors and adorned the top with Antique Fishing Baskets...Deer antlers, wooden Bird houses and of course the foliage & pumpkins. A favorite part I like to include is a light timer with little rice lights that come on just as it starts to get dark...just a little twinkle makes us feel happy.

Well I hope most of you are doing better than me...I can't believe how quickly the year has gone by and we are now closing into the heavy season of Fall decorating and Holiday decor.
I for one...have been very slow to accept the reality before me...but with my neighbors and homes decorated with such beautiful and colorful Fall colors...I finally woke up and decided to join in the fun.

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