Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Studio Time

I finally made enough time to schedule a Decorative Painting class before the Fall rush starts...most people like to make changes in their home for holidays...so it was a perfect time to have some fun. I decided go to my favorite supplier and fellow artist who offers a wide variety of courses, not just for the Beginner but for those who would like to see what is new in products or just want to have some fun and make lots of hands-on samples for their portfolio.
Leslie Vigini (www. ViginiStudios.com) is a wonderful instructor, patient and eager to share plenty of her knowledge beyond the course you're taking.
I truly enjoyed my class and will sign up for another in the future.
Here is just a small sample of Painted finishes....I'll show the "fancy" stuff later on.

This look and technique is one of my favorites...leathers are always fun but this Crocodile look can make any room look like it came from the pages of A. Digest. Just like Ostrich skin this technique takes some practice but once you master it...you will enjoy doing it often. PETA will never take aim at you....you'll be earth friendly.

This is another decorative finish that can be used on furniture and walls. Using large Stencils, the design can dictate what your room or style wants to project. This was completed in metallic golds...and can resemble Damask with the right stencil or pattern.

One of my "Fun" looks is this rich and elegant finish. This Tortoise look was completed on a door panel, but can be applied to any area or decorative item.

Using Golds and an Activator...the results turned out wonderful...now I just have to figure out what I want to transform?
If you look closely to the edge, the area shows the Activator in better detail.

This is a Finish to resemble the High Gloss or Lacquered Looks ...this finish is referred to as Negoro Nuri. Has many layers and is sealed with a high gloss using a HVLP.
This Crackle finish is a two step process with the Metallic Copper Base with Paint Activator and Stain.
Here is a nice Crackle finish done in a Stain effect....paints & technique to resemble any types of woods with a clear crackle and activator applied with HVLP. Perfect look for kitchen cabinets.


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