Monday, August 25, 2008

Another Shopping Spot

It has been a while since I had chance to post...but work has been a bit crazy, with family stopping by in between. Still, I make it a point to shop when I can and I thought I would share another spot I frequent.
Here is another favorite...Go-To store... when I'm in need of something special for a project or clients's called The Arrangement and it's located in Castle Hills in San Antonio Texas. The Owners are a Mother/Daughter team...who love to scout for antiques and find creative Floral Designers to create the most beautiful arrangements. I'd advise you to take your time when visiting...there is so much to look at, that it will take you several trips around the store to make sure you didn't miss a thing.
These Owners enjoy finding many Garden Decor items...such as wrought iron, from window pieces, to large cement figurines used for art and not just water features. This store can be a sensory overload...but worth your time to visit and check out how they made the pieces come together.
The Arrangement...has a wonderful way to display the old with the new...the look is so eclectic, it makes every piece look fresh...from old lace, to reupholstered chairs. I hope to go back and take some sharper pictures for your was a last minute my phone was handy for this visit.


trash talk said...

Love, love, love that cabinet. Beautiful shoppe.

Jen r. said...

What a cool store! Jen R