Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Changing Artwork

Here is close-up of the Suede finish as well as the repainted Antiqued Glazed frames with a bit of Gold, I chose to do for the smaller prints....they all came together. With GREEN being the prominent color.
This collection of Hand colored prints were found in stages over a long period of time.

Soon, I realized the signed prints were a series of Birds...that now I was going to look for whether framed or not.

These frames didn't match...the matting was in good condition but needed to be refreshed, so here I go with my paint brush again.

I chose some green Suede paint ( I used the Ralph Lauren line) and repainted the matting in the same method I would do walls. The rich look of the finish gave the framed prints a rich and updated look that unified the whole collection. Much cheaper as well. No need to get them reframed, especially when I know I will change my decor soon enough.

Many were found at local favorites, or weekend finds at Garage Sales or Flea Markets.
If they have frames with glass, I know I had a good day....even if they are a bit mistreated, a quick touch-up will always make them look just as good as new. Not every piece of framed art has to be a painting to make them special....as long as you like them....it's your gallery of FINE ART.

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