Friday, August 1, 2008

Trying something new

A couple of months ago I came across a cute shop that Specializes in Stamping........Stampantonio.
Art stamps galore, with all the extras to do, Mixed Media Altered Art to Re-purposed jewelry.
The store has a great work space which is open to the public on certain days for only $5.00, with the use of all the materials at your disposal.
It was to good to pass up the opportunity to try this form of art...and at least say I tried it once.

The paint materials were just house paints... found at Lowe's & H.D.
Used the Metallic paint in Gold, Bronze & Aged Gold. They have a glaze medium already in the paint, so the application is transparent.
Brushes, sponge and artist types for added detail.
Easy clean-up but good wear factor for the leather.

This is the purse that inspired me to try this "Stamping" art form. A favorite "Coach" that had a major accident...can you see I forgot to put the top back on my pen.

Well, I wasn't going to give it up without a fair fight.

Walking thru stores, it was evident that Metallic finishes were pretty popular on the why not pull out my paints and give it some Art CPR.

It took a couple of applications to finally hide the spots...but it was ready for some rubber stamping surgery.

After the stamping, I used my smaller brushes to highlight part of the details...for a first time, the purse survived the procedure.

This Apple Green leather purse was to fun not to use anymore, and not give it a second chance by saving it with a quick Metallic paint wash....the green leather actually made the purse more reflective with the combination of the Bronze color I used. I painted the purse on both sides, the front side which was damaged with stains ( you know the look, the dirt stain you get for resting your purse on the floor, yuk ) and that's where I stamped.
I picked the script rubber stamp, fluer de li, postage stamps and Di Vinci stamps too. The overall look , came out different with this color of purse....but I still like the effort.

These little cards turned out to be more fun than I expected.
The studio, had so many stamps for antiquing, that I tried to add a bit more detail with the colors and splatter effects stamps.
They had so much to choose from, that I took longer to make up mind than actually sitting down and getting to work.
Anyway, they were completed and are ready to be added as my jewelry tags for my future ETSY listings. I might opt to use them as backings, so the customer can have fun on their own... by reusing or framing. Overall, I think I might go back to the Studio sooner than expected.

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Mari said...

Wow, I love the effect! You now have a one of a kind coach bag. That is so creative.