Monday, July 28, 2008


Currently I found the "Cottage" is carrying a large selection of painted & gilded pieces...from furniture... to Brass lighting and accents.
Looking around the store you will find a good selection of Transfer ware with framed Lytho prints adorning the walls, along with an array of Religious art.

There are times I like to just take some time and visit some of my favorite stores around the city, and one of them is "Cottage" located on Sunset Road toward the center of San Antonio.

The store itself might be small in size but it's worth the visit, when it often has a good inventory of unique pieces and European antiques from their travels to make your stop worth your while.

You do have to be somewhat careful as you peruse the store...most items have to sit on top of each other or be squeezed into some tight places, to get as much into the store for your shopping.
Still, its worth the effort to look around every nook and might find that lost treasure you've been looking for. I Did.


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

What a cool shop, so wish I would have headed that way a few weeks ago, oh well, I'll just have to plan a trip. I've nominated you for an award!!

trash talk said...

Wow! If you are new to blogging it doesn't show. Your postings are wonderful as is your blog. I'm barely able to get pix on much less all that you have going. I'm inspired and impressed. And yes, T is a gift to all of us.