Monday, October 21, 2013

Murals in Pontiac,Illinois

We just returned from a trip back to Kansas to work on the Church and check on the contractors working on some repairs.
We're trying our best to keep on schedule for Jan 2014 and it seems we're on track so far.

So my husband decided to take a quick trip to the Ford museum and Greenfield Village, to get his vintage car fix. The Fall weather was perfect and with kids back in school we enjoyed the facilities without long lines. On our way to Michigan, we took a slight detour off Route 66 and visited Pontiac, Illinois where he knew about the extensive artistic "Mural" tour the small city has undertaken and felt I would enjoy the inspiration....and I sure did.
The town was quaint and picturesque as we strolled to see the vibrant wall Murals.
Large Murals and Bright details

Even alley ways were painted in fun concepts ( vintage garage ) to keep strollers excited about the art.
Of course playing on its name sake, Pontiac took advantage to create an interesting little car museum of their own reflecting the history of the Pontaic. They have a very nice set up with vignettes creating just the right atmosphere for the era of the car displayed.
A camping set-up
I appreciated the art work even more when I knew the city decided to do something unique to get people off Route 66 and visit this little town. With historic towns slowly fading away its nice to see their efforts paying off with buses of tourists visiting the town.
 I hope we can do the same in some little way in Heringtion Kansas. The people are very nice but the aging population need some re-vitalization with young families and people with the foresight to see it's wonderful possibilites.

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Mandy Oviatt said...

Wall Murals can really draw people's eyes to a business or a building. I think that they are amazing and you took some fantastic photos!