Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wow....where has the summer gone?
Hot weather and no to little rain here in Texas, my husband planned a quick trip to Maine and surprised me with so much beauty and the fun of meeting some of his family.
The colors of nature did not disappoint, I wish we had more time to explore the sites of this gorgeous and quaint state.
But we just couldn't and returned home to our hot Texas here are a few pictures of the Lodge we spent one night in the wooded hills of Booth Bay was amazing, literally going back into time.
No phone, clock, WiFi nor tv in our A/C!... just open the windows and let the fresh air in and let the sounds of nature take over your dreams....I thought I was Baby in the movie Dirty kidding.
Just take a look....can you feel the time Warp of the 1930's when this place was opened for the Public and the adjacent Lodge for games and food.
The Main Lodge where are rooms were located.
Adjacent Log Cabin for guest to watch TV, play old Fashion board games and have breakfast.
Evening we spent watching a bit of t.v and played some Table Hockey
Looked around the Lodge, admired some vintage Books and Antique toys where kids were able to play with... such as the Antique Log playhouse above.
But we couln't wait for the Breakfast feast that awaited us....all home cooking streached over 3 tables.
Glorious hosts and cooks.
Just look at the home-like fireplace where you could sit and rest as you enjoyed your coffee.
Or picked your table to feast on your homemade Blue-berry pancakes or Buscuits & gravy!
Thank You Richard for the Hospitality....The Lodge was wonderful and can't wait to return Booth Bay.

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