Friday, July 6, 2012

Taking Toile to new Heights

Hello everyone, hope all of you have been enjoying the wonderful week of the 4th of July and for those who will continue into the weekend, have a safe one.
So with the colors Red, White and Blue prevalent around the neighborhood, I thought I would share a recent project I completed for a great friend who likes to be creative around her home.
She recently loved the idea of bringing more RED into her guest room and looking around the room it was perfect color....but how to make it different?
Lets see....she has the Black Toile bedding set....why not make it RED!
O.k. here we go.

Plain White Ceiling in Foyer

Drew the graphics of the Fabric with watercolor pencils and then painted it in Red

Took the same graphic and selected the birds to paint along the corner, crown molding and paper border.

Using her picture frames to match the color red....the Headboard was repainted and antiqued to bring out the vibrant color of the Red pillow and new Toile ceiling.
Hope you like was fun to do but a bit much for my neck....OUCH!

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