Thursday, March 10, 2011

First Things First! I Need Closets!

O.k. I have to admit, moving into my new home has taken me longer than I expected but maybe it would be easier if I did not have to worry about closet space.
Yes, this girl needs closet space.
With beautiful older homes comes the reality that our great-grandmothers were happy with armoires and few belongs, but modern day women love their shoes, purses and so much more that we need our "CLOSETS!!!!"
It takes me longer to get ready... walking room to room, excavating a decent outfit to wear when everything is spread out into different rooms and little closets.
So my darling has done wonders....or at least made dressing easier for me.
Using plumbers pipe, he measured and installed 2 large rods against the back of an exsisiting armoire which we placed in the center of the room (my new Master Closet) He uses the enclosed space for his clothes and I, the open rods for easy viewing.
Of course I had to go out and buy those special hangers at Bed & Bath, I adore them.

We still have large antique dressers for both of us. With the original closets used for shoes and purses.
Still need to tweek the room, but at least most of my belongings are at an easy reach...but it's a start!

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