Friday, February 25, 2011

Yeep, I'm still around.

I just can't believe how bad I have been about keeping up with friends, both here on the Blog world and those in person.

I feel so bad about the whole lack of communication but for those who might have wandered off due to my lack of postings you might give me a pass when you learn a bit more.

I've been working as usual, trying out new faux finish techniques, facing my fear of heights by using scaffolding and preparing for my upcoming wedding.

Yes, I'm getting married....long over due, family and friends thought it would never happen, just know I'm closer to hitting 50 than 40, so here I am, making plans and arranging for the ceremony next month.

So I have been looking around sites, biting my lip as I see young and beautiful women preparing to enter this journey as this mid-road of life bride plans for hers.

Still, it's been fun and the creative juices are on overload.

I'm hoping to help others out by sharing some ideas for wedding decor... here on the Blog and show how I have made those I have found on sites and blogs and turned them into "Our" unique twist for our ceremony without breaking the bank.

So stay tuned for that.

I'm also in the midst of moving into my new "Older" home....his home is in a historical district of town. It will be both of us and the family dog he rescued and the ghost that comes with the home.

Yes, her name is Lucille and so far she has been pretty good, just one little scare.

Alot of projects around this grand Victorian Home but time and excitement will help us get through the redecorating and remodeling.

Nevertheless, shopping is still a fun part of posting here, so here are some pictures of some cute little spots I have around my new digs, lots of inspiration, maybe to much but I always try to take a quick picture for friends.
Please note all the interesting lighting and made up shades using linens and twine.

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Garden Antqs Vintage said...

I'm so happy for you with your wedding. I also can't wait to see you in about a month or less. You should check out Laurie Anna's vintage home for a couple of weddings she did last year, one I really liked in an old barn. Great ideas there. Can you tell me what shop the picture of the shades is in. I've been wanting to come junking that way for some time but seem to never be able to, but soon I've planned a trip that way. Take care and congrats again, Theresa PS Thank you for your sweet comment!