Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Hunt begins!!!

I must start by apologizing for not keeping up with my postings...but the unforeseen started earlier this trusted and old friend (PC) finally decided to relinquish and die.
With that the nightmares began....choosing another, how could I find the same relationship with another...and least of all, a new version that gave me the little option of having to go "VISTA!!!" yikes!
My trusted XP spoiled me for any other, but here I am, still biting my lips as I slowly start using this new system. Of course those of you who have already become familiar with VISTA, you're aware that most of your programs are not compatible with this new I'm slowly...very slowly, figuring out what I really need and what I will have to do without.
But here I am, trying to post again...and hoping this won't be as frightening and aggravating as it has been.
So here I go....
Many of you know that the "shopping season" has begun...and I mean the "real" season for us die-hard garage or tag sale addicts. The season has been off to a good start, up a little earlier, fighting larger crowds and keeping in my mind to be a bit more selective.
Here a few new "old" items I have found...most I notice are busts or little figurines, dainty but nice for displays.
Not really sure why I bought the Nurse...but there was something about her and fun, that I had to bring her home...chips and all.
Good Luck to all of you start your shopping season.

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Mari said...

Sorry to hear about the demise of your PC. Nowadays, we can't be without our PCs. Mine have always been attacked by all sorts of viruses, and finally my hubby got tired of reloading Windows and got me Ubuntu by Linux. Aahh...I couldn't be happier. No more Windows (except one) for all our PCs.

I love your figurines. I can understand why you can't resist an item even with all the chips. You fell in love with it. That happens to me at times.

By the way, I'm bloghopping from Nance.