Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Back on the Saddle or PC again, I Hope?

Well, I think I'm back up and running's been a Hard Drive and Weeks) pun intended.
I'm one of those few that still work with a tabletop PC and I had it freeze on me. Thinking it would be a simple PC tune-up turned out to be a total new hard drive replacement at my BEST BUY...DAH?
I thought buying it from the big store when I did would be the best deal with all the new software and Reinstallation disks added on to the final purchase would be ideal for any future issues.
Little did I know, that though I thought I did the right thing at the time, it would lead to more headaches instead.
Just know, for those of you who don't have reinstallation disks right now.....get them!
I paid for mine at that time of purchase, thinking that what came in those fancy little disk sleeves would work when I needed luck.

When the "Geeks" as they are called, tried to install them on my new hard drive,  I was told I was given the wrong  formatted guess what.... I paid for "Useless" disks and now had to go direct to the manufacturer to get new ones.....more time passed.

So here I am holding "empty" disks that I paid for.

Finally, I go pick up the pc, only to have it fall apart ( the metal side panel ) as I was walking to the car.
Here I go back into the store to have them put it back together with them shaking their heads.

Just goes to show you and me, that people really don't care about their quality of their work....and they love to sell you a bill of goods hoping one will never really open the box to find it empty.

So here I am.....trying to get back on the PC, learning the new updates and installing all the old passwords which include this Blog.
So thank you for being patient and hope to share a few pictures of projects I have done in the recent weeks as well as some pictures from Round Top and the Country Living Show in Austin, Texas.

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