Sunday, February 19, 2012

Scrool Happy!

These pieces may look Black but are actually Slate in color in Matte finish, waxed for the final sheen for some of the sanded edges to reveal the original wood tones of the furniture.
The original hardware was HEAVY Brass....not the right color for the look, so opted to redo in Nickel finish from Krylon.
Hand painted scroll design worked on paper first, then using a fine-liner brush, I painted over the watercolored light blue pencil I used to draw on the scrolls. Once dried, I dried brushed an asphalton medium from Lowes to soften the bright metallic finish.

Before....the pieces needed some TLC, I repaired the veneer, sanded and primed for new finish.

Yes....I've been a bit scrool happy or crazy lately as my husband has mentioned recently.
....and as any other Winter Bound artist.....I have opted to share my craziness for Scroll design with my clients.....and one in particular I think has caught the "bug" as well.
Robin has been a wonderful client-friend who has let me infect her new refurbished Master Bedroom with a bit of this "Fever" flavor.
We have been browsing Craigslist like many others who have time to read and look at all the postings during dreary weather and found just the right two pieces for her room.
Just enough drawer space for both and perfect in style.
Best of all .....the quality was unmatched, super heavy pieces that needed to 2 strong men to move.
The carving details on the sides of the dressers gave me the idea to share my love for scrolls right now, so both of decided to add a bit on the front and side of her dresser.
Perfect little punch hand done in metallic silver paint.

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