Wednesday, June 9, 2010

White Wednesday

I found these little "Finton" gems by accident, as I found a worn out cardboard box tucked under the table...I took my time unwrapping the antique newspaper to find these White flower vases waiting to be unearthed....a bit dirty, nope, really crusted over with when the seller let me take them both for $ mind said; SOLD!
The second picture of the square candlesticks were unearthed ....and I saw the potential and their beauty under layers of melted wax. I guess some people have little vision to see what lies underneath such history...but that's fine, I was able to bring them home for a couple of $'s
My archeology find was a it was the second step.... I would need to be patient with...soaking and cleaning to reaveal their beauty. Whala! Success!
The Antique Celluloid dominoes...were also a last minute find...not sure what I will do with them..but they were one of those items I couldn't walk away from.
Hope the sales continue to bear such fruit...for all us of around the antiquing community....Good Hunting to all!

I came across these little figurines made of plastic at a local garage/tag sale...what interested me in making the small purchase...of 50cents each...was the amount of detail of these cute little clowns, labeled "Made in Italy" At that price I couldn't leave this Circus behind.

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