Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Is This A Bit Crazy?

Hi there to all those who find that just working on something a bit normal in size is sufficient enough to stay creative or keep ones sanity...LOL
Not me....So, I found these little Turquoise earrings a while back on one of my many garage sale excursions...stashed them away because one was missing a little piece of Turquoise... so so tiny..I should not have bothered....but there I was....taking out my art supplies and figured what do I have to loose...Time? Eyesight? Sanity?....it was a rainy day and might have fun.

Using several colors I already had of Fimo...I created my own Turquoise... Baked, not even a minute, because they turn black due to size, glued & dabbed a bit of gloss sealer for the polished shine.

So I thought I would share the results....no one can really tell...just you and those who might find this post...but if you do find some broken jewelry, give this a try, it might work for you too.

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