Monday, September 28, 2009

Getting Ready for Fall

Well with the arrival Fall....I felt I had the opportunity and that it was time to re-do my closet and prepare for the season.
Not that I'm a fashion guru...far from it. Yet after flipping through some of the popular fashion magazines, I realize that Mom's philosophy that everything "old is new again" is obvious this season.
Just look at those High end designers, you know, the one with the "little polo rider on the Horse" or that famous French house?
I'm glad that I always had an interest in those little Alligator or Crocodile purses popular in the 40's and 50's....there's no need to worry that PETA will come after me (there vintage!)....and that I'm doing my own version of living "Green" and recycling....while saving a huge fortune.
One of my the small clutch pictured on the has a little sling where you place your hand to hold on....what a great idea and easy to use.
Hope you enjoy some of those that I pulled out for this fall.

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