Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Delicacy of Craftmanship

The details of this table legs are just the beginning of the true Artisan who created her...I say "her", because she looks as though she has been dressed up with jewelry.
Look closely at her front, she has inlay Coral cabochons and Turquoise over the hammered wrought iron front panel. The bottom also has wrought iron for the extra details under the a skirt of sorts. Don't know how old this table is, but it reminded us of the Spanish furniture photographed in our family albums.
Sometimes, I'm lucky enough to find a set of 4 or just pair...but when a certain piece like this cane seat, carved with grapevine is found's too precious to leave behind unloved and forgotten in the back of a store.
I hope to find another one day... but until then, I will show her off proudly.
These hand carved chairs are delicate and refined even for my eclectic home....but what they remind me of, is the artistic craftsmanship we are loosing today. I can imagine the well worn hands, cracked and callus from hours of carving and sanding. The hands that smoothed these fine chairs had so much history...that I feel it's my obligation to exhibit them in my humble abode....from one artist to another.


Maggie Ann said...

What gorgeous chairs..I love the carvings. You are so right, we just don't have the craftmanship and skill today that long ago men spent their lives learning. I hear from Rhondi you are just starting to blog. Well, welcome to the blogging community! I am richly blessed by blogging and hope you will be too. Come visit me when you have time...=)

Donna said...

Beautiful pieces!


Nance said...

you have good eyes! most furnitures nowadays are machine made so they are not as detailed and intricate ...
thanks for sharing them.

Marina Capano said...

What gorgeous chairs..Those are beautiful.
I love furniture with syles. I am interior designer in Argentina.
Nice to meet you!
visit me anytime...