Thursday, June 19, 2008

Make an Enterance

I have always found the "unexpected" the most interesting when painting Murals whether on walls or in this case, ceilings.

Here are some examples of taking nature and bringing it into your home...with a painted sky. You don't need a large Foyer or added height to create the interest, just some patience.
Use any paint, I prefer acrylic eggshell finish house paint and you don't have to buy the most expensive brand either. Get a quart of blue and white. This will be combined with some clear glaze ( any label you like )to create depth in the clouds.
Don't feel that you have to start by painting the entire surface with the blue base color you choose...leave some areas alone to reveal the white ceiling color, this will give you sharper whites when you brush or sponge on the white paint for your clouds. Adding more glaze to your white, will give you transparency to your clouds as well.
So play with your paint palette on some poster board to get the feel and look of your clouds. Remember to keep a clean brush, to help feather out some of your edges for a softer effect.
My method for painting clouds is to use several brushes, feathering or stippling the strokes, to get the look I like. This method also gives me the chance to add other colors in my clouds for sunsets.
As you can see in my pictures...I also like to add some yellow or darker blues for more depth....and I also played with idea of adding oak branches like I found surrounding the front yard.
It just takes some practice, so give it a try, whether in your main entrance or laundry room, one client had me paint the attic access, more of a skylight look. So give it a try, it might just brighten your day.


Jen r. said...

Love your sky; So pretty and really opens up the space..! You are very talented!!! Thanks so much for stopping by for a visit! I am going to look aorund and see more of your beautiful things!
Jen R

The Feathered Nest said...

Oh Denise...this is just GORGEOUS! I love a sky painted ceiling ~ I'm so glad Theresa introduced you! I'm Dawn and would love for you to drop by my blog! xxoo, Dawn