Friday, June 27, 2008

Colorful Fashion Never Goes Out of Style

Pewter Marblized Purse

Peachy pearlized purse with golden beading on lid. One of my favorites, get lots of compliments....
With Fashion dictating that a Purse is a fashion statement, I'm so happy to have found such wonderful examples of "Girly" designs popular in Doris Day movies...which I love and enjoy using for special events.
That I feel even better that I'm doing my part in the "Green" movement.
I'm re-using a perfect accessory, at a fraction of the cost compared to those famous Labels that now are being manufactured in China and not reflecting the lower cost of labor, and just the high cost of advertising...that's another topic entirely.

Simple but don't have to worry someone else will be using this purse at the same party.

Clear Starburst Design on Lid, perfect for any scarf to coordinate with your outfit.

Faux Tourtoise Bakelite Purse

Carved, fruit or animals are popular choices.
The Music box was unexpected of my favorites.

Bakelite...If you're familiar with this Fashion & Living staple found around late 1930's and on, it's still just as popular, maybe more. This rich vibrant medium was not just used for Jewelry but even ordinary house goods. Such as Radio's, Boxes, Buttons and even purses were often created in rich colors ranging from Butterscotch to Candy Apple Red.
Smooth to the touch, artist would carve, add rhinestones or other metals into their creations.
Today, from celebrities to collectors, all enjoy adding to their ensemble for everyday use or Red Carpet affairs. When you wear or use such a unique piece, you definitely stand out and make your own statement.


Carolina Eclectic said...

Vintage purses and jewelry are my favorite!
Thanks for your comment on my blog.

Artistic Chicas said...

Thanks Carolina for your note, have so many favorites as well, having fun Blogging.

please sir said...

I agree - what wonderful jewelry collections!

Joy Zaczyk said...

Oh my goodness - heart pounding - the purses are SO FABULOUS!!!!


Artistic Chicas said...

Purses are my "Big girls" toys, and I love those old girly ones from the 40's & 50's. Will keep posting others later, do you collect too?